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Dear guest, protection of the privacy of your information is one of the most important factors for “Shahdag Mountain Resort” (hereinafter “Centre”). Please be informed that according to the Article 5.2 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On personal data”, the Centre does not transmit your personal information such as name, surname, e-mail address, and/or telephone number and etc., to any third person or entity. The Centre will only use your data to inform you about our services and news, as well as improvements related to the Centre. In order to express the role of the technology in the collection and use of information you provide, the following “Privacy Policy” has been created. In this “Privacy Policy”, references on “you” are considered in the relationship with the subject of personal data and references on “we” are considered in the relationship with the Centre.


This “Privacy Policy” document refers to the data collected on (web site) which administered by the Centre. The Centre always pays attention to privacy of your information and provides protection of your personal data, regardless whether you are a “Visitor” (which means that you simply browse the website) or a “Member” (which means that you have registered). By using the website, providing your contact information or registering, you confirm your agreement to this “Privacy Policy” and its terms and you are deemed to have given your written consent to the collection and use of your information in accordance with the Article 8.1 of the Law “On personal data”. This agreement is valid until the cancellation of your registration in accordance with the procedure established in the web site. If you do not agree with any term or rule, please do not use the website or provide us with a written objection about the collection and use of your information according to the Article 7.2 of the Law “On personal data”.


Please be informed that this “Privacy Policy” may be renewed and modified periodically. Information about any amendment to the “Privacy Policy” will be posted on the web site or sent to you via e-mail. It is your responsibility to check this web site in order to be aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under which circumstances we might identify it. However, the amended “Privacy Policy” will apply to you regardless of whether you obtained information about amendments or not.



It should be mentioned that you can visit the website and view its content without providing any personal information. In some cases, when you visit the website, the information about you which is not personally important may be collected by the Centre automatically. These are the alphanumeric identifiers called “cookies” and transferred to your computer’s hard drive through your internet browser. This type of information includes the type of internet browser you are using, the type of the operating system of your computer, the domain name of your internet service provider, your IP address, the pages you visit on our web site, and/or the information about the web site/advertisement from which you linked to the website.


At the same time, we may store some information on your computer through “cookies” or similar files. With the help of most internet browsers, you can erase “cookies” from your computer`s hard drive, block their saving or receive a warning before saving. But, it should be taken into consideration that if you avoid this information, you may not be able to experience the full functionality of the website.



According to Article 11.1 of the Law “On personal data”, personal data that may be required from you are as follows (including but not limited to):


– name and surname

– e-mail address

– gender

– date of birth

– mailing address

– credit card number


Collection of the above-mentioned personal data is carried out for the purposes of identification and verification of the subject of such information.


In any case, you may preserve your right not to provide your personal information in the web site. However, take into consideration that providing your personal information is a pre-requisite for enjoying certain activities and services available through the web site, creating an account, renting equipment, reserving certain ski classes or hotel rooms in the Centre and paying. Especially, we want to emphasize that unless you will provide the above-mentioned personal information to the web site you will be deprived of the opportunities provided by the web site.


The Centre will collect only voluntarily provided (for example, if you complete online registration form, subscription form of user, any online inquiry or any other membership form for other services in the website) personal information by you. Additionally, the Centre may use such information to send you an email about news, information on amendments in the web site, new products and services. Use of any of the services on the website is entirely voluntary.


The essence of the “Privacy Policy” is that we do not transmit or sell your personal information to third persons or entities without notice to you and your written consent except the Centre (or operator of personal data that has been entrusted to collect, process and protect personal data on the basis of contract).


However, the transmission of your personal information is possible in exceptional cases defined in Article 13.2 of the Law “On personal data”. For example, it is possible to provide such information to the appropriate authorities that the law requires. Additionally, according to Article 9.9 of the Law “On personal data”, the proprietor has the right to transfer the collection and processing of personal data to the operator on the condition of its protection on the basis of a contract. If collection, processing and protection of personal data are delegated to an operator, you will be notified about it in written form (including the identity of the operator). We consider it is necessary to mention that the collected and processed personal data from the web site is protected at the highest level.


Persons who registered as a user on website may only use their personal information. If web site integration with other information systems expected and the exchange of personal data with third parties will be conducted, you will be informed about this and adhered to the terms of availability of your written agreement.



In accordance with Article 7 of the law “On personal data” you have the following rights:

– To get information about the availability of your personal data, owner or operator of the web site;

– To demand legal justification of collection, processing and transfer of your personal data to third parties, obtain information about the legal consequences of collection, processing and transfer of this information for you;

– To become familiar with the content of personal information collected about you;

– To know the purpose of collection and processing of personal data, duration and methods of processing, to be acquainted with the scope of persons authorized to view personal data, as well as information systems intended for the exchange of information;

– To require clarification and destruction (except in cases defined by law) of collected and processed personal data about you, as well as apply for the transfer of such data into the archive in a specified manner;

– To demand ban for collection and processing of personal data about you;

– To get information about the sources of collected and processed personal data and required to prove the legality of such information;

– To require the protection of collected and processed personal data about you;

– To use rights established in the Law “On personal data” and other normative legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic.



As the Centre, we are against the use or retention of any personal information for any purpose whatsoever from visitors who are under the age of maturity (including internal or external marketing purposes). In addition, if such information has been identified, we remove it immediately. If you discovered that your child under maturity age has provided any personal information to the website, we ask you to notify us immediately to delete the information or discontinue any related services. However, according to Article 8.3 of the Law “On personal data”, parents are responsible for the supervision of their children’s online activities and they may use software applications that help provide a kid-friendly online environment.



You can be directed to other web sites where the logos, products and services of the Centre may be displayed. Please be informed that these web sites have their own independent privacy policies and consequently, we will not be responsible for their privacy policy, the accuracy, relevancy, availability, reliability, legality or decency of content and material contained there.



The Centre has taken all technical and organizational measures to provide protection of personal information (including prevention of accidental or unauthorized destruction, loss, illegal interference, modification and other cases). If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please inform us via email address [email protected]. We are always ready to consider your questions, suggestions or comments:



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