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Lifts for pedestrians

Experience the pinnacle moments of your leisure time as you ascend to our majestic peaks and immerse yourself in the breathtaking mountainscape! Chair Lifts are among the favorite entertainment activities for our guests.

Shahdag Mountain Resort boasts a total of 17 lifts, each falling into one of five distinct types: Mono-gondola, Carpet, Detachable, Non-detachable, and Bugel. These elevators vary in structure, seating capacity, safety features, comfort, and standard amenities.

Notably, the gondola takes guests to the highest restaurant in Azerbaijan, aptly named '2351'.

LIFT № 2:

Adults - 18 ₼

Kids (5-9 y.o.) - 12 ₼


Adults - 20 ₼

Kids (5-9 y.o.) - 15  ₼

Operation hours:

09:00 – 16:30

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