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Chair Lifts

Spend the peak moments of your leisure time on our heights and enjoy the magnificent Shahdag mountains! Chair Lift is one of the favourite entertainment activities of our guests.

Shahdag Mountain Resort has a total of 15 elevators of 5 different types:  "Mono-gondola", "Carpet", "Detachable", "Non-detachable" and "Bugel". Although these elevators differ in structure, the number of seats, safety and comfort are their common features.

The gondola takes guests to the highest restaurant in Azerbaijan - "2351".


- Adults: 15₼

- Children: 10₼ 

- Children (6 years old and under) - Free

- 70 years and older (ID is required) - Free

- Disabled (ID is required) - Free

- Martyr's family members (ID is required) - Free

- Veteran (ID is required) - Free



Operating hours:

09:00 - 17:00

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