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Once you have your feet off the ground, you will realize that paragliding is a more relaxed and enjoyable experience than you imagined. You will completely forget about everything, enjoying the feeling of flying and magnificent views. Flights are carried out from 2 points - from 1760 meters and 2351 meters.

Minimum age: +14 y.o.

The flight will be shot on GoPro (video is included in the price).

Subject to weather conditions, bookings should be made in advance. For additional information and for a reservation please get in touch with us: +994 50 224 40 80


From 1760 m (14+ y.o.) - 150₼ (time in the air: 20 min)

From 2351 m (14+ y.o.) - 250₼ (time in the air: 40 min) 

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