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Adventure park for kids

As the name suggests, an adventure park offers a plethora of thrilling activities and daring experiences that evoke excitement and joy. Visiting an adventure park and engaging in these activities will take you on a thrilling and joyous journey. While amusement parks generally feature outdoor games and rides for the public, adventure parks focus on providing personal experiences through a wide range of adventurous sports and activities set amidst natural surroundings.

Moreover, an adventure park allows us to confront our greatest fears and provides an opportunity to overcome them. Whether it's the fear of heights or any other challenge, an adventure park is an ideal setting for conquering these fears. Additionally, adventure parks are designed to cater to our younger guests, ensuring their entertainment and safety. Children are equipped with helmets and other safety gear while being supervised by professionals.


Adventure park for kids, 15 min - 5 AZN

Kids park (outdoor), 30 min. - 5 AZN

Kidʹs club 3 hours (indoor‐shahdag) - 10 AZN

Adventure park for kids, unlimited - 15 AZN

Family entertainment center, 1 hour - 20 AZN

Operation hours:

Zirve  - 09:30 - 17:30

Gondola - 10:00 - 16:45

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