How to get here?

The first ski resort in Azerbaijan located near Shahdag National Park, the largest national park in the country. The resort can be found on piedmont of Shahdag Mountain, surrounded by the mystique charm of unspoilt nature and crystal clear mountain creeks, providing visitors with an absolute unique experience throughout the year.

Shahdag Mountain Resort lends its name from Mountain Shahdag (4243 m), a mountain peak of the Greater Caucasus range, located in Gusar region of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia.

Shahdag Mountain Resort is 3 hour drive from the buoyant Baku and less than an hour’s journey from Gusar via new Laza road .

How to get here?

There are regular public buses from Baku to Gusar departing from the second floor at Baku’s International Bus Station. These buses run daily starting at 7:00 am until 6:00 pm every half an hour.

Once on the bus, traveler must pay 4 azn. Drop off location is at Gusar’s Bus Station.

To go from Gusar to Shahdag Resort you should take a taxi, the cost is 10 AZN to 15 AZN approximately.

For the return trip, buses also run from Gusar to Baku departing from Gusar Bus Station. These buses run daily starting at 07:00 am until 17:30 pm every half an hour. The return ticket is also 4 AZN and it is also paid on board.

Should you choose to drive your own car, please note that distance from Baku to Gusar is 180 km on Baku-Guba-Gusar motor road.