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Ancient glaciers, deep valleys, stunning mountain lakes and canyons, an ecological treasure trove of plants and animals…This is Shahdag in all its glory! Shahdag Mountain Resort is named after mount Shahdag (4243 m. above the sea level), a mountain peak of the Greater Caucasus range, located 29 km from Gusar city, Azerbaijan. The construction of this complex located near Shahdag National Park provides considerable opportunities for skiing and other winter sports in Azerbaijan. With various new season offers in entertainment and hospitality, Shahdag Mountain Resort is aimed to become a significant tourism destination.

Shahdag Hotel & SPA

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Now close your eyes. It is time to relax and recharge, enjoying any treatment at any time you want in our Spa. Our Spa Center located in Shahdag Mountain Resort, covering 2058 ha and surrounded by fascinating snowy Caucasus mountains and pure natural beauty will reconnect you with nature. Each treatment and therapy will bring you closer to inner harmony and wellbeing. There are perfect Spa centers in the Complex. The water here is the path leading you to your wellbeing. Enter the purifying hammam, let the dry heat at the sauna reinvigorate you, or simply take a swim in the pool, after enjoying the relaxing hydromassage. “Ovdan” Spa center, one of the biggest Spa centers in the country, located in “Shahdag Hotel and Spa” offers 13 treatment rooms, indoor pool and gym with mountain views and sauna (for men and women separately). VIP Spa offering exclusive Spa treatments is the best choice for a special experience.

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