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Shahdag Hotel&SPA was awarded the “SAHMAN” badge for ensuring compliance with the required sanitary and hygienic standards and norms within the framework of existing "SAHMAN" program.

The world is currently struggling with COVID-19 virus. According to the statistical indicators, it can be observed that the measures taken to prevent the pandemic in our country have given positive results. In the near future, depending on the positive dynamics of the epidemiological situation, like all other sectors, tourism is also expected to gradually recover. It is important that everyone follows the advice and rules of hygiene and health to improve the current situation and prevent the prevalence of respiratory diseases in general.

The special program- Sanitation and Hygiene Methods and Norms Program (SAHMAN- Sanitation and hygiene methods and norms) has been developed to increase the competitiveness of businesses by ensuring the effectiveness of compliance with the rules of sanitation and hygiene in the tourism industry of the country by the State Tourism Agency and Azerbaijan Tourism Board.

Shahdag Tourism Center CJSC, which organized its activities based on international hospitality standards, was awarded a badge of distinction for meeting the requirements of the "SAHMAN" program. In accordance with the requirements of the program, the cleaning and disinfection activities are carried out regularly in hotel rooms, restaurants, cable cabins and all entertainment equipment, entrances and exits and all other staff and guest areas.

The observance of sanitary and hygienic norms by business organizations operating in the field of hospitality and tourism to cope with the pandemic challenge is more important than ever. In this sense, the development of SAHMAN program and assignment of hygiene standards is a significant step. This is an important set of standards that needs to be referenced to all industry representatives. According to Rodderich Leffer, the Chairman of Shahdagh Tourism Center CJSC, "We are very pleased, we achieved this certificate and I believe that, this badge of distinction will stimulate our guests to visit our center with confidence."

Founded in 2009, the Shahdag Tourism Center is located in Qusar district near the Shahdag National Park. The center is the country's first mountain resort and the largest tourist object. There are four hotels three of which is with 5 and one is with 4 stars, about 20 cable lines, restaurants, sports entertainment, cinema, night club, game rooms and various sections for the entertainment of guests